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The Fue Hair Transplant is one of the best solutions to recover natural and permanent hair, in the least invasive way possible. As support for the intervention, the Istituto Helvetico Sanders SMART FUE (“Rational Motorized Assisted Scalp Transplantation”) protocol is carried out, which differs in terms of continuous patient care and the study carried out on personal cases.

The protocol devised by MONACO HAIR has a new rational basis to obtain an optimal result: the preventive calculation of the grafts per cm2 necessary to cover the recipient area. All this is possible thanks to extremely trained medical teams, extremely precise automated instruments and state-of-the-art facilities in full compliance with health and hygiene regulations.

The path is studied in detail also with reference to postoperative care, which is essential to maximize the results of the transplant: thanks to regular checks carried out monthly by an expert at the headquarters in your city it will be possible to verify the correct growth of the hair of according to the respective biological rhythms, until the desired result is achieved. The complete and continuous follow-up, in addition to the controls carried out by the surgeons at 6 and 12 months after surgery, is a service that only the Helvetico Sanders Institute can offer its patients.

The FUE technique, used for the extraction of follicles, is accompanied by the innovative DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) system, with which the follicular units are reimplanted directly in the scalp: an approach that guarantees the grafting of the follicles with very high percentages considerably reduces intervention times and allows an extremely natural result to be obtained.

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El dr. Monaco es miembro de la International Society of Hair Restauration Surgery (ISHRS), que es una asociación médica mundial sin fines de lucro y la principal autoridad en el tratamiento y restauración de la caída del cabello. Con más de 1,000 miembros en 70 países en todo el mundo, el ISHRS se dedica a lograr la excelencia en los resultados de los pacientes mediante la promoción de los más altos estándares de práctica médica, ética médica e investigación en la industria médica de la restauración del cabello